Review: Flyte Energy Drink

It’s no secret that I’m pretty passionate about healthy living.  I don’t believe in diets, they’re not good for you physically or mentally, (as a general rule) and, in any case, life’s too short.   However, I do believe in balance, about making sensible, wholesome, choices most of the time and having the freggin pizza and cider (or four) when you want to, just not everyday.

As part of those healthy choices I make a conscious effort to ‘eat clean’ most (not all) of the time.  Fresh, whole foods bursting with vitamins, minerals and flavour genuinely make you feel much better and energetic than heavily processed convenience foods (plus it makes much better Instagram pictures, yes I do that).

When I was approached by Flyte, who describe themselves as a ‘clean energy drink’, I admit I was skeptical.  Energy drinks have a reputation for being highly processed and full of sugar and chemicals, so much so that some brands have been a source of controversy on a global level…I’m really not keen.  However, after being promised it was 100% natural I was willing to give it a go!

What is it?

Flyte is a lightly carbonated energy drink that contains only natural ingredients. Its energy comes from 100mg of caffeine which is extracted from green coffee, rather than being synthetically produced, and is sweetened with extract from the Stevia leaf rather than sugar (a South American plant don’t you know).

In addition, the drink contains what they call ‘natural actives’ such as:

  • Schizandra Berry extract for vitality
  • Griffonia Seed extract for alertness
  • Maca root extract for focus
  • Vitamin B complex for energy
  • A touch of vitamin C – an antioxidant 

It comes in four flavours, Red Berries, Green Mango, Citrus Lemon, Orange Clemantine and each bottle contains less than 60Kcals.


I have now tried all four flavours and put them to the test, these are my thoughts:

  • Fresh ‘clean’ tasting flavours that aren’t super sweet or overly powerful
  • I’m not a big fizzy drink fan but this is only lightly carbonated and pleasant to drink
  • I often suffer from the typical mid-afternoon slump at work, which isn’t ideal when I have a post-work run planned, so I’ve been drinking these when I need an extra energy hit.  They definitely help me feel much perkier and ready to tackle my workout.
  • Sleek packaging, I love that they come in a recyclable glass bottle so no horrid ring pulls or nasty plastics
  • This is a new brand that is genuinely committed, not only to being healthy and natural, but also to the environment (they are a carbon positive company)
  • My favourite flavour is Green Mango!


Overall I was impressed with these drinks, they did what they said they would and gave me a pretty instant energy hit, and I love the natural approach.  If you’re keen to give them a try, you can purchase them in packs of six on the website here.

Obviously, if you’re sensitive to caffeine these may not be for you, but if you’re looking for an energy drink without all the usual sugar and chemical crap, keep an eye out for this new kid on the block! Green Mango people, Green Mango…

I was kindly given some Flyte drinks to try out. All views are unbiased and my own.


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