How do you pick which marathon to run next when you just want to run them all?!

So I wasn’t accepted  for the New York Marathon through the ballot.  Given the $347 price tag for the entry fee alone I’m starting to think this was a good thing.  I mean, for $347 I expect a solid gold diamond encrusted medal that weighs so much it’ll take me over my luggage limit on the flight home…

A few months ago, running more than one marathon in a year seemed slightly ludicrous to me, it’s just so much time and effort!  But after London (where I failed to hit my PB let alone any other targets I set myself) I was keen for another challenge, especially as I now have the support of the Chasers (which I absolutely LOVE being a part of).

It also got me thinking, how much extra effort is it really? Really?  I’m already pretty fit and I run on a regular basis, often clocking up 30+ miles a week outside of marathon training, so I just need to throw those extra long runs into the mix…  What with the longer days and warmer(?) climes it’s got to be easier than training through the Winter.  Hasn’t it?


So I now need an Autumn marathon to train for and my sense of adventure takes me outside of the UK.   Like most marathon runners I have distant dreams of completing the World Marathon Major series, but it’s now June, Chicago has sold out, Berlin has sold out and New York were unaccommodating.  What next?

Amsterdam was my back up if I didn’t get a place in New York, a guaranteed flat course, short flight and it’s a lovely little city…but then I found out the Chasers ‘official’ Autumn marathon would be Frankfurt…

I’ve been to Amsterdam before and I liked it.  I’ve never been to Germany, what if I didn’t like the food?  What if there was no pasta?  What if it’s a city where no one understands me?!  All these thoughts were going through my head and I struggled to make a decision, do I pick the ‘safe’ option in Amsterdam?  Or do I sign up to a marathon in a country I’ve never been to before with a group of people who, although friendly, I don’t actually know at this point?  What if they all finish an hour before me (likely) and I’m left in a post marathon daze on my own in a strange City?

Obviously I didn’t pick the safe option, that would be too easy.  I’m going to Frankfurt with the club…


So I’m now entering my 4th marathon and I will still have only ticked one of the World Majors off the list.  How many marathons am I actually going to run?  The wishlist keeps getting longer… At what point will I break?  How do I know when I’ve reached my peak?  What if I reach the point where I never want to run again and get really fat and become a couch potato watching back to back soaps?

I don’t know the answers to these and I may very well find that 2 marathons in a year is one too many for me but, for the mean time, I’m fit, I’m healthy & I’m able and I fully intend to embrace that while I can.

I don’t speak German and I don’t like Hot Dogs, but I shall run the Frankfurt Marathon and celebrate with copious amounts of Jagermeister and pretzels, even if I am the last Chaser home!